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Information Program of the Social Security Office

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116. Information Program of the Social Security Office

116.1 Where can you obtain information about your rights under Social Security?

Social Security offices conduct an Information Program to keep you informed of your rights and obligations under the Social Security law. Our offices also conduct outreach programs to locate and assist people who are potentially eligible for benefits.

116.2 What do offices participating in the Information Program do?

The offices keep on hand supplies of publications, exhibit posters, and videos. The office staff:

  1. Makes presentations before civic, labor, medical, farm, management, school, and other groups and organizations interested in our programs;

  2. Prepares or provides articles about Social Security for local newspapers and magazines;

  3. Develops special exhibits illustrating features of the Social Security program; and

  4. Prepares and presents radio and television programs about Social Security and SSI.

You may make arrangements with a participating Social Security office to obtain any of the informational materials listed above, to view a video, to have an exhibit set up, or to have a member of the office staff speak before a group or organization.

The Social Security offices also participate in community programs and activities in the fields of aging, blindness, disabilities (including AIDS/HIV, mental health, and substance abuse), child welfare, and economic opportunity.

Last Revised: Apr. 18, 2006

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