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What to do if You Are Found "Not Disabled"

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529. What to do if You Are Found "Not Disabled"

If you choose to appeal an unfavorable or partially favorable determination, you or your representative's first appeal request is called a "Request for Reconsideration." The "Request for Reconsideration" forms (or the SSA-561 and the SSA-3441) are available from the local Social Security office, SSA's toll-free service (1-800-772-1213), or on the SSA website, at, which is found under the section of the page called "Other forms." You can also file an appeal by sending a letter including your name, social security number, and a statement that you wish to appeal the determination. The statement does not have to be detailed, but an explanation as to why you or your representative do not agree with SSA's determination may be helpful. You must return all appeal forms to SSA before the appeal period ends, which is normally 60 days.

You will also need to complete a "Disability Report - Appeal" (SSA-3441) and sign additional "Authorization for Source to Release Information to the Social Security Administration-SSA-827" forms for any additional medical sources listed on the "Disability Report - Appeal". These are also available at the SSA website. In order for the reconsideration request to be accepted, you or your representative must send a SSA-561 or letter, the SSA-827s, and the SSA-3441 to the SSA office.

Last Revised: Jan. 22, 2008

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