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Real Property that Cannot be Sold

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2163. Real Property that Cannot be Sold

2163.1 Does real property you cannot sell count as resources?

Real property that you cannot sell is excluded from your resources as long as it cannot be sold because:

  1. You own the property jointly with another owner(s) and:

    1. It is the other owner(s) principal place of residence; and

    2. The sale would cause undue hardship (due to loss of housing) to the other owner(s); or

  2. Your reasonable efforts to sell have been unsuccessful.

2163.2 How long is the property excluded from resources based on reasonable effort to sell?

Initially, we evaluate your reasonable but unsuccessful efforts to sell under a nine-month conditional benefits arrangement. After the nine months, the property is excluded as long as it cannot be sold and your efforts to sell continue.

Last Revised: March, 2001


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