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Auxilary benefits

I received my SSDI backpay August 2010 starting from a disability onset date of December 2009. Due to a mix-up between my attorney and SS, my under 18 children were not presented and/or acted upon at that time. I am now told I will be receiving auxiliary benefits for my two children beginning immediately. Question; Are my children eligible for the backpay from December 2009 to present which represents the onset of my disability payments?

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You should confirm with the SSA, but I have seen evidence that this may be possible. Here is an excerpt from a 2001 report :

The non-AERO portion is largely due to entitlement that precedes the date of award. See "Entitlement." The retroactive period can include up to 12 months prior to application for benefits for disabled workers, their spouses and children, and disabled widows and widowers. The maximum retroactive period prior to application for other types of beneficiaries is 6 months. The retroactive period can also include any number of months between application and award.

Thank you for the above information and link. The SSA granted auxiliary benefits and backpay today for my children. I will believe it when I see it...I was also told that my wife, their mother, MUST be the payee. They will not issue the check in my name even though I am the disabled party. Can you provide a link or other information that supports this decision? Thanks!

I can only see the SSA making the request if you are somehow separated from your wife and she has custody of the children.

Here's one excerpt

If you receive benefits because you are caring for a disabled worker’s child who is younger than age 16 or disabled, you should notify us right away if the child leaves your care. You must give us the name and address of the person with whom the child is living.

After you wife starts receiving payment, you may want to use the following form to try to change the payee if this is an issue :


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