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Social Security and Divorce or Separated

I am a disability recipent and do have a husband that I married in 1967. He was in service in the Vietnam War when we married. I was 18 years old. We stayed together for maybe five or six years after he returned home. I beleive he was in service for about 4 years its been so long for me to remember that far back. My memory is a little shaken. I am askin you if I am entitled to any of his Social Security he is still living? I also do not know for a fact if we are divorced either. I know he was in serviced and do not know if I am entitled to a check once a month from the ARMY. I do know that I found out that hae was carrying us my son and myself for a time as depedents when he was going to school. I called Winston Salem and they told me he stopped going to school once I inquired. My son passed in 1997. Is there anything that you could tell me to do in order to solve some of my questions?
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It's unclear to me if your ex-spouse is still alive or not. Regardless, you may qualify for either retirement benefits (on his record), or survivor (widow's) benefits on his record.

One key, however, is that you must have been married to him for at least 10 years for either benefit.

Also, you would only qualify for benefits on his work record if his record provided a benefit higher than the benefit based on your record. In other words, you get the higher benefit, but not the total of both benefits.

If you're near age 60, I'd inquire with the SSA as you can begin getting (reduced) widow benefits at age 60.

I'm going to be 60 in Jan. Was married for 12 yrs. If i understand this right I'm eligible on his record.How do you know how much you will get? Also, he passed away 3 yrs. ago.. How does that affect my eligibilty?We haven't been married for yrs.When should i appply?i also believe he was getting some kind of disabilty.Does that make a difference?

If you are the divorced spouse of a worker who dies, you could get benefits just the same as a widow or widower, provided that your marriage lasted 10 years or more.

If your ex-husband worked long enough under Social Security, you can receive full benefits at full retirement age for survivors or reduced benefits as early as age 60. The longer you wait to receive benefits (ex. wait to age 62), the higher your monthly benefit.

You'll want to verify with the SSA regarding any disability benefits, but generally disability benefits translate at the same rate into retirement benefits, so I doubt that would have an effect.

Check the benefit calculator below for an estimate.


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