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Recording Earnings Credits

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113. Recording Earnings Credits

113.1 Where are earnings reports processed?

We send earnings reports of employees and self-employed persons to the Office of Central Records Operations. Employer reports of earnings are received in the central office and in other facilities in Salinas, California; and Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Each person's earnings amounts are credited to his or her record.

113.2 What happens if there is an error in your earnings report?

If there is any error in your earnings report, or if your Social Security number or name is reported incorrectly, the Office of Central Records Operations investigates so that it can correct the error. It also decides if your reported earnings are covered by Social Security.

The Office of Central Records Operations may write directly to you or your employer to get information needed to clarify your earnings report. If necessary, it may ask a Social Security office to get directly in touch with you to resolve any problem or obtain information needed to determine if your work is covered by Social Security.

Last Revised: Apr. 18, 2006

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I have got 2 check for sss but Ihave not got my back pay and it been 120 days. I jus wonder when I my get the check Molly C

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