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Social Security Handbook Index: Letter I

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Identity of claimant, §1700

Identity of employer, §801, §831

Idle time pay as wages, §1326

Illegal activities as trade or business, §1104

Illegitimate child:

  • acknowledgment or recognition, §327
  • inheritance rights, §327
  • parent-child relationship, §1708
  • State laws, §§326-327

Immediate payments, SSI, §2187

Immigration and Nationality Act, §939, §1841

Impairment-related work expenses, SSI, §2175

Impairments (disability):

  • confinement-related, §507
  • definition, §507, §601
  • felony-related, §507
  • Listing, §607
  • severe, §613

Impede effective or efficient administration, SSI, §1920

Imprest fund checks, SSI, §2187

Improvement or maintenance of farm, agricultural labor, §909

In care, child (see Child-in-care)

Included-excluded rule, §§968-969

Income and resource limits for eligible couples, SSI, §2123

Income counted for earnings test purposes, §1811

Income earned outside U.S. from a trade or business, net earnings from self-employment, §1245

Income for SSI purposes, §2129

Income from renting rooms or apartments, §1216

Income or losses not counted for earnings test, §1812

Income producing property, excluded resource, SSI, §2158

Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount, §§2500-2508

Income tax returns, evidence of earnings, §1730

Income tax returns, evidence of self-employment income, §§1734-1736

Incompetent person owns business, §1115

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA's) and Keogh Plans, §1338

Ineligibles, retirement system coverage group, §1015

Information program in Social Security offices, §117

Informational facilities/records available for public inspection, §118

Inheritance rights of adopted children, §330

Initial determination, §§2000-2002, §2004

Initial determinations, SSI, §2189

Initial determinations, SVB, §2721

In-kind income, SSI, §§2140-2145

In-kind support and maintenance, SSI, §§2141-2142, §2145

Inspection, periodic, as material farm participation by landlord, §1228

Inspection in Social Security offices, §117

Institution, resident, SSI, §2121

Institutions, nonprofit religious, charitable, educational, etc., coverage, §931

Instrumentality, State and local employment, §1003

Insured status (see also Fully insured status):

  • currently insured, §206
  • deceased veteran, §960
  • deemed fully insured, §205
  • determining, §§200-202
  • disability insured status, §§207-209, §§508-510
  • fully insured status, §§202-205
  • lump-sum death payment, §428
  • period of disability, §§207-209, §§508-510
  • provisions for the blind, §208
  • quarters of coverage, §212
  • requirements, §§200-202, §211
  • special age 72 payments, §119, §211, §§346-348
  • special status, before age 31, §208
  • survivors insurance benefits, §400
  • totalization coordination, §216

Interest or dividends as earnings, §§1206-1210

Interim assistance, cash or vendor payments, SSI, §2186

Intern for hospital, coverage, §923

Internal Revenue Service (IRS):

  • employer tax payment publications, §1413
  • exclusions, Section 911 code, §1246
  • self-employment tax payment publications, §1200, §1418
  • Social Security numbers, §101
  • Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), §1246

International Operations, Office of, §114

International Operations, Office of, claimants residing abroad, §114

International Social Security Agreements, §107, §216, §970, §§1845-1846

Interstate instrumentality defined, §1003

Investigative responsibilities, §142

Irrigation, farm, §912


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