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Social Security Handbook Index: Letter H

Excerpted from "Social Security Handbook". See the up-to-date, official Social Security Handbook at


Harvesting agricultural commodities, §§906-908

Health insurance, Medicare, §127

Hearing by Administrative Law Judge (ALJ):

  • action on case before judge, §2008
  • authority of ALJ, §2009
  • decision on determination and notice, §2012
  • extension of time for filing request for hearing or review, §2015
  • hearing, defined, §2193, §2624
  • notice of hearing, §2009
  • prehearing or posthearing conferences, §2010
  • request for hearing or review, §2007
  • review by Appeals Council, §§2013-2014
  • SSI, §2193
  • subpoenas, §2009

Hearings, disability, §2006

Hearings, SVB, §2724

Hobbies as trade or business, §1106

Home energy or support and maintenance, SSI, §2139

Homeworkers, §830

Horticultural or agricultural commodities, §903, §905

Hospital insurance benefits:

  • application requirements, §1500
  • appropriations from general revenues, §137
  • disability, under age 65, §500
  • end-stage kidney disease, §127, §500
  • entitlement, §1500
  • funding sources, §§137-138
  • prescription funding, §139

Hospital interns, coverage, §923

Household employment and employer tax return forms, §1409

Husband's insurance benefits (see Spouse's insurance benefits)

adjustment of reduction factor at ages 62 and FRA, §728

reduced, §§723-729

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