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Establishing Termination of Marriage

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1719. Establishing Termination of Marriage

1719.1 How do you prove your marriage ended?

You prove that your marriage ended by providing:

  1. A certified copy of the divorce decree;

  2. A certified copy of the annulment decree; or

  3. A certified copy of the death certificate (or other proof of death, see §1720).

1719.2 What other evidence is acceptable?

If none of the above is available, you can submit any other evidence of investigative value. You must explain why none of the items above is available.

1719.3 Do you live in a state that restricts remarriage?

If your prior marriage ended by a divorce in a State that imposes a restriction on remarriage, you must show that your remarriage does not violate the restriction.

Last Revised: March, 2001

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There are 3 Comments

We are not experts in divorce, but generally divorce records should be available from the county where the divorce took place.

I had to go to court house where I was divorced at and get my papers.I live with my EX (because I can't work and need help getting around) .,
Since we live together I been denied any benefits because we were married at 1 time.We NEVER remarried. We do not file taxes as a couple or tell others we are a couple.We just share Kids,grandkids and I live with him.We have separate rooms ,watch different things.Have different lives except he is here when I fall and need help up.Can't get out of tub (really do NOT want 1 of girls to deal with that ).But I am being punished by the SSA because I can't live alone and I refuse to be a pain for my grown kids with there own life.

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