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Social Security Survivor, Widow & Widower Benefits

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How do you turn in someone whoms child is not in school, hasn't been in school for at least 5 years or better and does not take care of said child, as in not sending to school, no proper meals, no stable housing and locks child out of house, and gambles there checks each month but is still collecting money. She has told her son that that is her childsupport money! That check he is to recieve is cause of his father passing. She bums money off people cause of her gambling addiction.

Sounds like the child is the beneficiary of survivor benefits, and the mother is misusing those funds.

If you believe the Representative Payee (the mother) is misusing the payments (not using payment for benefit of the child), you may want to report it to the Office of the Inspector General :

You call CPS and report what's going on. I went through abuse myself, and had someone not reported what was going on, it would have killed me if I had been in the situation for 3 more days the doctors said. I really apprciated that someone called and reported it. It saved my life, just like it could save that childs.

That is very sad i have aunt like that but by the time i was old enough to help my cousin he died of ms, the worst part was that family members new the details of the situation and they Did not want the responsibility of him & were in no better situations to raise him either, with that said be ready to take on raising him if your willing to stir the pot!!
Good luck & report
that loser.

Thanks for all the helpful hints. My daughter-in-law is leary about turning in her mother and so is her sister because they were passed around as teenagers amoungest family members. My daughter-in-law is a very good mother, the sister and half brother are following the mothers footsteps, this has to stop! Thanks again, I''ll call our local CPS and contact the email address. God Bless us all, especially the lost children of the world.

I have a 57 year old mentally impaired sister who is dependent on my Mom and has always lived with her. My sister worked enough in years past to receive a VERY small benefit from social security. She also receives SSI. Is she eligible to receive benefits from our deceased Father when Mom passes away. Mom is currently receiving benefits from our deceased Father's benefits.

I didn't find out I was pregnant until after my husband died. He passed in Nov. baby was born in June. I did not know about survivor benefits until recently. Our daughter is now 8mo. can she still receive benefits as a surviving child?( I moved to another state after he died, and she has my last name)

In general, this requires a determination of paternity, and this will vary with state law. I imagine a paternity determination since you were married at the time of his death would be easier to obtain than if you were not married.

Please see these posts :

I applied for Social Security in 2008. I was awarded on MY record in 2010. It came to my attention that the length of my divorced and deceased spouse was incorrectly entered in my record when I applied in 2008, therefore not reflecting 10 year requirement. So when I was awarded in 2010, I was only awarded benefits based on MY record, when his was higher and therefore could have added to my record. I have since applied for survivor benefits in 2010. My question is: When SSA reviews the application should they not take this into consideration when making a determination?

I haven't seen much regarding procedure with error-in-fact cases, but yes, in my opinion SSA should consider potential errors-in-fact when reviewing applications.

Note there is an appeal process if the determination is against you. I have seen the appeal process mostly in the context of disability determinations, but here is one relevant document :

Depending on the difference in benefits, you may want to seek (legal) representation to help you. Many representatives (lawyers) will work on a contingency basis so they don't receive fees until you win your case.

My Social Security survivor benefit claim is at the state (PA) review board and has a deadline of April 8, 2011 to respond. Is this a typical route a claim follows? I thought Social Security is a federal issue/program. Why is this resting on a state level? Thank you for your time.

Hello, my name is Ryan and I am currently collecting monthly Social Security Checks for both of my parents passing away. I have talked to the Administration before and the informed me that in order to be the payee of the checks for a minor they must be at least 17 and a half. I am 17 at the present time and I was wondering if i can qualify now to be my own payee.

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