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25. Medicare Part B Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount

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I enrollled my wife in Medicare when she was eligible. I thought i was enrolling her in both Part A and B. According to your info on this website it is supposed to be automatic. When she got her card she was only enrolled in Part A. She called and they sent a form and I returned it promptly- still no part B. I called again and they sent another form and returned it promptly and received a letter that it was too late to enroll.
According to your website she has eight months aftr heer prviate insurance was dropped to enroll and that was in June. We currently have to pay an outrageous premium for insurance because she is not enrolled in Part B.
I have not even turned 65 and they sent me Medicare card last month and it was for both part A and B and I did not even apply. HELP!

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Some details are absent in your account, but note that it is possible if you wait until you are 65, or sign up during the last three months of your initial enrollment period, your Medicare Part B start date will be delayed.

This link may help with this :

You may wish to visit your local Social Security office to resolve this.

I am age 75 years old and i am out on disability at this time from work.
My medical will run out April 31, 2011.

I would like to get some additional medicare for part b with Blue Cross
please let me know what to do.


I wife got her decision in July of 2009 recieved a Part A but nothing about Part B. Called today and wanted to know when they were sending out the form to apply for Part B as her 24 month waiting period was up in July 2011. They told her she declined the Part B coverage in 2007 when she never had a decision until 2009. Figure this one out.

How do I change checking accounts for my monthly SocSec payments?
I closed an acct since someone stole a check.

Also, I have money deducted from my SocSec check for Medicare.
Since I have Medicare Parts B & D, do I also have to pay Medicare a monthly amount in addition to what is already taken from me?

Thanks, Glen

The office in Tri-CIties is worthless...Can we get some help. I minority person walks in and they fill out the paperwork for them. A caucasian person walks in and is schedule an appointment. I don't understand.

I sent my employer the Part B Application form filled out with my information and my retirement date of July 3 and they lost it. I already have Part A. I can't find the form online and I'd like to avoid coming back to the Social Security office to pick up a new one. Can you direct me to a site to download a new application form?

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