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Divorce, Marriage and Social Security

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From the Social Security Handbook

Divorced spouse's insurance benefits:

  • entitlement, §311, §403
  • lump-sum death benefits, §431
  • termination, §322


  • ceremonial, proof, §1716
  • common-law, §307, §1717
  • divorce, effect, §308
  • duration, 9-month requirement, §404
  • restrictions on remarriage, State-imposed, §309
  • spouse, defined, §306
  • SSI benefit affect, §2122
  • State-imposed restrictions on remarriage, §309
  • terminating events, benefit summary chart, §1851
  • termination evidence, §§1718-1719
  • validity of prior marriage, §310
  • voidable and annulled, benefits reinstated, §1853
  • widower's entitlement to benefits, §401

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