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Are there conditions where your benefits are not payable?

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1800. Are there conditions where your benefits are not payable?

There are certain conditions under which your retirement, auxiliary, survivors, and disability benefits are not payable or are payable only in part. This is true even if you meet all of the "entitlement" requirements. You may do things (or fail to do things) that require us to withhold all or some part of your benefits. For example, if you are entitled to retirement insurance benefits and you work, we may make deductions from your benefits and from others entitled to benefits on your record.

The chart in §1851 summarizes the events that may require withholding of part or all of the various types of benefits.

Last Revised: Nov. 19, 2007


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I am suppoised to get my monthly ss check on today. But you did't pay it. Please let me know the reason.

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I've sent my annually report in,it was a little but neverless it was my jan check was delayed.when came i except my check.

Innauguration day, January 20th

Can I collect survivor benefits and disability benefits for my own disability at the same time?

I couldn't find information for this specific case, but in general if you qualify for multiple Social Security benefits, you can only receive the single highest benefit.

Please contact Social Security directly for verification.

I received a payment on July 1st, it was then reversed. My husband passed away on the 1st. I should still get it --- it was not expected. I have been waiting 13 weeks for the payment to be put back. Nothing. I keep getting told it takes 2-4 weeks, then 4-8, then it could be awhile! could take some time. Is there a form to dispute this and getting it moving sooner.?


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