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What is an underpayment?

Excerpted from "Social Security Handbook". See the up-to-date, official Social Security Handbook at

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What happens if social security knows they owe and won't pay.
When the application was not correct from the beginning of the process by a claims rep when the case was denid and later approved
and the benifits processed over a long period of time through long periods of contact.

My ex benefits are double what I receive, and he is an ex employee of MTA. Why am I not receiving a % of his benefits, Does this constitute Underpayment?

But since I have not received my letter of approval they will not tell me how much I will draw. Is this out of the norm?

I just received my first disability ck this past month. In my award letter it states that my back-due benefits were 13,944.00 and that they withheld 25% ( 3,486) for my attorney fees. I received my back pay in 2 checks, one for $2138, and one for $8026. There is a $294.00 difference. I never applied for or received SSI and have brought this to their attention every time I speak to them, but they never get around to anwering my question, as to the $294.00 I was shorted. Anyone know how I can resove this? Thanks

Don't feel bad they gave me 7,000 for back payments they took out 6 months that was owed to i dont get a good amount of benefits because i get widows money.If you know anything i can do to get help please email me forjackie92 AT

I would like a reason for receiving less money besides the fact that their was 5.8 % this year. I received a letter saying it would be only for 1 year, I am retired and not paying taxes, plus my medicare should be free. please respond.

I was never informed as to who and why I did not get my increase of income. I called Soc Sec 2-6-09 and they left me hanging and with no information as to who might be using this 82.00 difference. I request in wrriting to ask for an answer in writing explaining the name and addresses of who it is that is taking MY MONEY!!!! Please respond asap to Kathleen K, Flemington NJ or phone. This is Urgent I Need Answers And Names and Why.

Do I have to pay income taxes on the money I received from my deceased mother's underpaid social security?

Did you receive a SSA-1099? The Social Security Benefit Statement (SSA-1099 form) is used to notify payees and the IRS that SSA benefits received during the year may be taxable.

Here is an excerpt from

Death underpayments are still Social Security benefits, and only a maximum of 85 percent of Social Security benefits may be subject to income tax.

SS stated I owed them 169,000 then after a three year fight is dropped to 74,000. I took it to an ALJ. I won a Fully FavorableDecision without Fault. However, SS took over 28,000 from me and I have lost everything. What Now!!! The ALJ Judge said he could only find a 2,800.00 overpayment off set by an 1,200 underpayment. However, I was not at fault, because SS did not do anything right with my paperwork. My 1099's state they took my money. Also, Since this mess I found out SS withheld 24,000 when I won my case in 1997. A little birdie at SS notified me of this. Why are they allowed to collect vigoriously and destroy our lives????? This has been sitting up at the payment center nearing 3 months as a critical need case. Phone calls are not returned. Senetors are involved, as well as, the congressional office, and still nothing. I believe if we could sue for damages in these cases this would stop.

My mom faught long and hard for 4 years struggling to receive SSI. in feb 08, she went infront of a judge after being denied, they granted her SSI. My mom received a letter feb 28 08 stating she will receive 22,000 dollars back payment not including lawyer fees. to my knowledge the lawyer can only take 25%. Anyhow, she passed away March 6th. After a long hard fight. Now I have been turning in all sorts of forms since I am entitled to this money. They lost my form! I had to take off work many days to go up to the office, they found they screwed up because a rep even stamped and made a copy of the day I turned in my form. a year later..I receive a check for 6,000? Where is my other 10,000? they didnt write any reasoning for my shortage and I am livid at this point. How can they short me 10,000? I call the lawyer that represented my mom but he does not return my calls, is he still entitled to fight this with me or is his case a done deal? If anyone has advice please email me.. sadeebrown @ I have many questions and do not know much about SSI at all. I just know I got screwed!

You may want to look at form SSA-516. It is used for a variety of cases including how an underpayment of benefits due a deceased person will be paid.

in 2004 I lost custody of my children.One of whom was recieving benifits already. After four years of fighting for my custody to be restored.I recieved a round about amount of $1900.00. I was told by the state that there was a few other checks that was sent back to s.s.i,and I would be recieving back pay for the rest of the funds within a couple months after my state case was closed. I contacted the s.s.i. office about this and was given a $1300.00 amount that would be credited to me in two or so months yet a week later I called the office back to find that,that was a mistake! How is it that my daughter only accumulated $1900. over a four year time and the four months that she was home in trial home placement I recieved $4oo.00 for her Christmas,however when she was in fostercare, a small portion of her benifits went to the family for her, but the rest of her funds went into a state account that couln't exceed $2000.00 at a time. What do I ?do?

can anyone tell me if you are to receive a payment for your child in addition to what they receive for soc. sec. benefits when a parent dies?


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