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ALJ's Decision

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2012. ALJ's Decision

2012.1 What actions may the ALJ take after the hearing?

After the hearing, the ALJ usually issues a written decision based on all the evidence obtained, including your testimony and that of witnesses. The ALJ may also:

  1. Send the case with a recommended decision to the Appeals Council for decision (though this happens very infrequently); or

  2. Dismiss the request as described in §2008.

2012.2 What notification is provided about the results?

All parties to the hearing are notified of the ALJ's action and the reasons for it.

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Claim Number 123
On November 1, 2011 , I cancelled my Medicare Part B because I have employed and Health Plan has been covered by employer. Date of cancellation is effective November 1,2011, at local Office Roseville Cirby,95661, However, Richmond California Office, 94802-1791 on November 14,2011 informed me that I receive $1,070.00 and on December 2011 will receive $1,185.00 on a monthly basis. amount of $115.00 is a difference for a service has never rendered. I have requested. Hearing Office reconsider this deduction after the date of November 1,2011.(cancelled date). Please reconsider your decision to order paying me the over payment. or provide me social security's payment procedures has defined your decision. I want to have official procedures that guide the office to make this decision. Thanks


Please contact the government (Social Security) directly for this.

I haven't seen a process to handle your case (Medicare Part B not needed - request for refund). However the following documents a process to appeal when you feel your Medicare premiums are too high :


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