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Countable Resources

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2153. Countable Resources

2153.1 What resources are countable?

Not all of your resources count in determining your eligibility for SSI (See §2156.) Countable resources are those left after we:

  1. Eliminate from consideration any asset that is not a resource; and

  2. Apply all appropriate exclusions to the assets that are resources.

Countable resources are determined on a monthly basis. We compare them with the applicable statutory resources limit to determine whether you are eligible for that month.

2153.2 What are the applicable resource limits?

As of January 2008, the applicable limits are:

  1. $2,000 for an individual without a spouse; and

  2. $3,000 for an individual with an eligible spouse or a living-with ineligible spouse.

See §2166 for a table of resource limits.

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