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Appeals Council Review

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2194. Appeals Council Review

2194.1 Why would you request an Appeals Council review?

You may request a review by the Appeals Council if you are not satisfied with the action of the ALJ, whether a decision or dismissal. The Council will grant, deny, or dismiss your request for review as it decides is proper. See §2013.

2194.2 How do you request an Appeals Council review?

You must make a request for a review by the Appeals Council in writing. File your request within 60 days from the date of receipt of the notice of the decision of, or dismissal by, the ALJ. The request may be filed with any Social Security office, an ALJ, or the Appeals Council. You can make the request by letter or on a special form available at any Social Security office.

2194.3 What does the Appeals Council do with the request for review?

The Appeals Council makes a thorough inspection of your claim and notifies you as to whether or not it will review your case.

If the Council decides to review your case, you may appear before the Appeals Council in Falls Church, Virginia (either personally or through a representative). At the review, you may present oral arguments or file written briefs in support of your claim. After the review, the Appeals Council notifies you of its action in the case.

Last Revised: Jul. 10, 2006

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