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What are Special Veterans Benefits?

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2700. What are Special Veterans Benefits?

Special Veterans Benefits (SVB) are benefits funded by the Federal Government and are administered by the Social Security Administration. Under the SVB program, special benefits are paid to certain veterans of World War II who reside outside the United States.

SVB is authorized by Title VIII (Special Benefits for Certain World War II Veterans) of the Social Security Act.

SVB is not the same as Supplemental Security Income (SSI). It is a separate benefit program and is financed from the general funds of the United States Treasury.

Last Revised: Apr. 18, 2006

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I have to say I do not understand why I woukd be not able to get action on benefits. I am combat vet 1965-66 in Veit nam. I was sent back to the states the Navy its self claimed the disabilty themsels, from a combat zone. My DD-214 show I was in a combat zone at age 17 years of age and sent back to SF for discarge at the U.S. Naval Station, Treasure Island. I have a Honorable discharge. I have a second disabilty from the work comp board here Sacramento, Ca. I'm know 60 years old . I know at 62 I will get SSI, but I do feel thatI got a raw deal, but do you know I made on my own. I'm an American we grt up and do what it takes even with the disabiltys I did it on my own. At 60 I have a 2 year old son and a 3 year old daughter. And this one is the one that BS I worked for myself and made a job with appartment, took care of the two kids we had, and ran the home we lived in. This allowed the ex to work out side the home and that what she wanted. The sad thing is I know what these former spouse get for their years of hard work screwed over, and its wrong that just because the party working out side the home has control over the check book and every thing elce that those working at home get kicked for doing the family thing. And thats some of the real truth that alot of the gals that bust their ass get. I really see how little thought is given to us that have really done the harder side of life. Going to a job is easy, Try doing it in the home, the jobs 24/7 with out pay or a thank you even! And then you find out the b*ch even took all of the retirment. Thats the American way."OUCH" Verntaking care of the kids on my own. Get this I can't even get Food Stamps unless I sign over my right. Why not look into that one Federal Government. Vernon C. CA

how can i find out what my kids bennifit will be

Hi ,I need to find out about axuarilly benifets and if there is such a thing . My husband passed in 2007 he had been on social security since2001. We had and I still have legal custody of our grandsons ages 16 and 12 . They were 6 and 2 when the courts awarded us legal custody of them . This was in 2000. when my husband was approved for SS disability.He asked if there was benifits for the boys we were told no because we would need to legally adopt them . Yet when my husband died I told SS about them and they told me I had to show the court orders and then they would evaluate my case . I did so ,and I recieve SS FOR BOTH BOYS AS WELL AS A MOTHERS BENIFIT because the youngest is under 16 years of age. My question is are we intitled to retroactive money because we were first and mistakenly denide?

I would contact SSA directly regarding this. You also may want to consider seeking legal or other advice for this. Some lawyers may be willing to take your case for no up-front fee, but they would recover a portion of the total payment which may be due you.

We , you and I served with dignity in Nam, however the crooks here would rather we didn't exist and they treat us that way. In still remember the garbage welcome i recieved in SF. All the spitting, the trash, the names , all still vived in my head. I wish you all the luck in dealing with these AH. Semper Fi...ken

Welcome Home Tommy B 101 Airbourne Nam Vet 66-69 Hue city

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