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This booklet explains some of your rights and responsibilities when you receive disability benefits from Social Security.

Please take time now to read this booklet and then put it in a safe place so you can refer to it in the future.

If you also receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments, see a copy of What You Need To Know When You Get Supplemental Security Income (SSI) (Publication No. 05-11011).


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Cant work more than 25 hours a week. Had surgery and told he'd done all he could do for me. Stage 5 arthritis, seen patients 70 years old better than mine. Tried to work 40 hours through Christmas, had to quit -to much pain. Seen doctors and chiropractos since childhood. No date for injury. Still working my little cleaning job but find myself in more and more pain each year. What do I do? Cant quit, have a family to support. Wanted to see if I could get partical help, but just can't seem to find anything but full disability (where you've been out of work for 12 months). Is there any help for me, need to work a 40 hour job but just can not.

Can I work at all while receiving SSD? If so, at what point (in terms of income) does this effect my SSD income? My attorny's assistant advised that as long as the work was not "substantial gainful activity", it is permitted. Is this true and does the income effect the SSD amount that I receive? Lastly, how does a windfall effect SSD? Thanks! for your response!

The monthly "substantial gainful activity" (SGA) amount for statutorily blind individuals for 2013 is $1740. For non-blind individuals, the monthly SGA amount for 2013 is $1040.

Assuming you are receiving "normal" Social Security disability, I am unaware of any effect a windfall (ex. inheritance) will have on your benefit.

However, if you're receiving SSI, even small amounts of income or any windfall may affect your benefit.

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Not affiliated with the US Social Security Administration