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Protection of your personal information

Social Security keeps personal and confidential information - names,
Social Security numbers, earnings records, ages and beneficiary addresses - for millions of people. Generally, they will discuss your information only with you. When you call or visit Social Security, they will ask you several questions to help verify your identity. If you want someone else to help with your Social Security business, the agency needs your permission to discuss your information with that person.

Please be careful with your Social Security number and to protect its confidentiality whenever possible.

Social Security is committed to protecting the privacy of your records. When required by law to give information to other government agencies that administer health or welfare programs, such as Medicaid and food stamps, those agencies are not allowed to share that information with anyone else.

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Recently I picked up and filled out a form from the DMV to apply for a handicapped sticker for my automobile. My doctor filled out his portion which I recieved in the mail today. It stays that I am permantly disabled as I cannot walk too far and I often walk with a pronounced limp. It takes me a while to get from point a to point b. What I want to know is this: my i.d. was stolen and I lost my case against the DOE, which is resulting in them getting one/half of my Social Security when I start drawing it this fall. Does that mean they will also be able to get one/half of my SSD also, if I am able to draw on that? What do I need in order to draw SSD?

if you get social security for a disability can you go back to college and still receive benefits?

Where can I obtain this information ASAP ~ Please and Thank you!



Sorry, not sure what you mean by "Social Security enrollment date". This could be anything ranging from your birth day, your first day of employment, first day of benefits etc. depending on what you want.

Here's what you can do online with the SSA which may help you find what you need :

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Not affiliated with the US Social Security Administration