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getting benefits from a deseased mother.

My granddaughters mother was killed over this summer, after which we found out that she is our granddaughter. Her father works, is newly married with one child and another on the way. My husband and I happily agreed to help with the granddaughter. The question is, would she be eligable for social security benefits. As I said earlier, we only learned after her mothers death that the child was ours, thru paternity testing. She was the sole caregiver and provider to Addison. We had susspected that she was our sons, but mom wouldnt confirm.

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Four Common Social Security Claiming Mistakes

1. Not knowing your full retirement age (FRA). 'Full benefit' retirement age is rising beyond age 65 to age 67.

2. Not knowing you can file for benefits three months in advance of receiving income

3. Forgetting Social Security benefits can be subject to income tax.

4. Thinking early filers can later receive 'full benefits'. If filing early, your benefits are permanently reduced.

Seven Social Security Myths

1. Social Security will cover my income needs

2. It's better to take Social Security benefits early

3. I'll receive full benefits at 65

4. Once I start benefits, I can’t work anymore

5. I won't pay taxes on Social Security

6. Once I start Social Security, I have to continue receiving it

7. My divorce will reduce my benefits

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Not affiliated with the US Social Security Administration