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getting benefits from a deseased mother.

My granddaughters mother was killed over this summer, after which we found out that she is our granddaughter. Her father works, is newly married with one child and another on the way. My husband and I happily agreed to help with the granddaughter. The question is, would she be eligable for social security benefits. As I said earlier, we only learned after her mothers death that the child was ours, thru paternity testing. She was the sole caregiver and provider to Addison. We had susspected that she was our sons, but mom wouldnt confirm.

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Four Factors that Determine Your Social Security Retirement Benefit

Your Social Security retirement benefit largely depends on the following four factors :

* Your work history => Longer yields a higher benefit

* Your earnings history => Higher earnings yields higher benefit (at decreasing rate)

* Your birth year => Born earlier means higher relative benefit

* Your claiming age => Starting benefits later means higher benefit

What Social Security May Look Like in 2035

Interesting article which looks at how Social Security may fare in the year 2035.

Highlights :

* The worker-to-beneficiary ratio will drop from 2018's 2.8 to 2.2-to-1.

* Workers will have to wait longer to receive "full" benefits

* Social Security's "trust fund" will be exhausted

* Substantial benefit cuts may be needed

* Payroll taxes will be critical to pay for benefits

* Social Security benefits will continue to decline due to inflation


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Not affiliated with the US Social Security Administration