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SS question

Does SS stop immediately when someone dies? The reason I asked this is because my father died last year, and his 4th wife seems shady and my father was getting his SS monthly in his acct,. How do I know she never cancelled it and she is collecting it, and moved to another state and will have it transferred? She isn't old enough to collect - she is only 61. Also she gave away all of his stuff to her son. She has all of a sudden a brand new car, and left her home and pets to be w/her immediate family.

Basically, how does SS know if my father passed away and is it automatically cancelled?

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Seven Social Security Myths

1. Social Security will cover my income needs

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3. I'll receive full benefits at 65

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Four Common Social Security Claiming Mistakes

1. Not knowing your full retirement age (FRA). 'Full benefit' retirement age is rising beyond age 65 to age 67.

2. Not knowing you can file for benefits three months in advance of receiving income

3. Forgetting Social Security benefits can be subject to income tax.

4. Thinking early filers can later receive 'full benefits'. If filing early, your benefits are permanently reduced.

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