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What can my mother use my money for?

My father is disabled and finally got his benefits. I was given a lump of money and a monthly check until I was 18. I was 16 when the checks started coming. When I turned 18 my mother told me that all of the money is gone, and she drew me up a chart of what she used my money on. Cable, electric, food, telephone bill, homeowners insurance, groceries, propane, etc. She ended up using all of my money that I expected to have for a college fund, all on bills. I've tried countless times to get a hold of someone that could tell me exactly what she could and couldn't spend the money on. From what I've read it was for housing, food, clothing, etc. I wasn't sure if she could get away with using the money on all of the little bills.


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What Social Security May Look Like in 2035

Interesting article which looks at how Social Security may fare in the year 2035.

Highlights :

* The worker-to-beneficiary ratio will drop from 2018's 2.8 to 2.2-to-1.

* Workers will have to wait longer to receive "full" benefits

* Social Security's "trust fund" will be exhausted

* Substantial benefit cuts may be needed

* Payroll taxes will be critical to pay for benefits

* Social Security benefits will continue to decline due to inflation

Four Factors that Determine Your Social Security Retirement Benefit

Your Social Security retirement benefit largely depends on the following four factors :

* Your work history => Longer yields a higher benefit

* Your earnings history => Higher earnings yields higher benefit (at decreasing rate)

* Your birth year => Born earlier means higher relative benefit

* Your claiming age => Starting benefits later means higher benefit

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Not affiliated with the US Social Security Administration