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Social Security Puts The Wrong Living Arrangements In The Computer, When I Change My Mailing Address And Reduces My Benifits

I changed my address back in October 2012 from a street address that was just a mailing address to a P.O. box in another town. I didn't live at the street address. I went to a Social Security office, before I left to the new town but after waiting several hours the worker refused to change my address.

I left anyway and went to a new town and changed my address to a P.O. Box. There was no Social Security Office there. I changed my address at the social security 1800 number, in October 2012. They claimed I lived at the old street address and had cooking facilities.

I said I did not live at the old address and had the person who lived at that address write a letter to social security and contacted the property managers to try and get proof from them that I never lived at that address. I finally went to the Social Security office, in December 2012 after talking to the workers at the 1800 number didn't work to change my mailing address and there were letters that my SSI benefits would be reduced because I lived at the old address and I owed about $225.00, because I lived at the old street address.

I appealed the decision after my visit to the social security office and that office sent me a letter that it wasn't my fault my benefits would be reduced but another letter showed that they'd remove $85.00 a month from SSI, for living with cooking facilities, starting March 2013, for the cooking facilities I did not have at the old street address, 9/1/2012 through November 2012.

The main Social Security Office sent me a letter about what my Social Security benefits would be to the old street address and so I'm sending a letter to them, too that they have the wrong address. Reporting my change of address to a nearby Social Security office, didn't work.

The computer still has that old street address, I didn't live at even though I changed it with the nearest social security office. I have asked to go before an administrative law judge in a nearby town. I have a letter from a person who lived at the old mailing address but not from the property managers.

How do I prove I don't live at the street address with cooking facilities? I have a big problem with those social security workers who either don't want to do their job or the ones at the 1800 number who put the wrong information in the computers.

Now I have to go to court but I have a bad feeling they'll blame it on me and keep the money anyway, even though I spend the winter in a tent and will surely not have enough money to get a place after they reduce the SSI benefits that they already reduced even more. If I don't think any landlord will go for that low amount.

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