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Where does the SSI program operate?

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I am a 26 yr old female and my husband is 31 yrs old. He is currently receiving SSI but we have been married for a year and we have a child on the way (I am 5 months preg.) What can we do since he was disabled since he was 15 yrs old, and receives only SSI. I work retail and we are living in a hotel because we have no money to rent stable housing in South Carolina. Please email me if anyone knows any avenues or agencies to call. my email is clowneytl AT

Thank you for your time and consideration.

My wife used to earn about 18000$/yearly.Now she lost her job and due to multiple medical condition she may not find any new job. Can she get SSI under this circumstance.

I have request my medical findings on behalf Social Security to my local office a few times, they tell me my file is in another location...I want the first diagnose at the time I was diagnose disable,.it has become a task for me to archive this paper. Can someone guide me to the right place to request such medical paper.

Thank you

I'd recommend you contact the SSA directly for this, but the following may help.

You can use form SSA-3288 to release medical information about your case to others. You also might be able to use it to request your information for yourself :


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