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Special Request For Expedited Benefit Payment

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130. Special Request For Expedited Benefit Payment

130.1 Can you ask to expedite your benefit payment if it was not received on time?

If you did not receive your Social Security benefit for a particular month, you may file a written request for prompt payment. Your request is considered filed at the end of the period if you file your request before the end of:

  1. 90 days after the date that you provided all the evidence requested to support the claim;

  2. If later, 90 days after the date on which payment is supposed to have been due; or

  3. If you received a regular monthly benefit in the prior month, 30 days after the 15th day of the month in which payment is supposed to have been due.

If you file your request under condition (A), (B), or (C) above, benefits are due and you will be paid within 15 days after the end of the period. If it appears that benefits are probably due, preliminary payment may be made without regard to these time limits, even if additional evidence is needed for a final decision.

130.2 What types of benefit payments can be expedited?

Expedited payment procedures apply to disability insurance benefits and SSI benefits, which primarily involves dire needs, terminal illness, or presumptive cases meeting SSA guidelines. However, Expedited payments do not apply in cases where a check was issued and the U.S. Treasury Department records show the check was cashed. In these instances, check investigation is conducted by the U.S. Treasury Department rather than us. In both situations, the delays are reported to us.

Last Revised: Jun. 30, 2004

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There are 11 Comments

The customer service is great and always provide helpful solutions. I have found that telling them everything needing helps with finding a solution helps out.

I have not received my monthly benefit for December 2011, last payment posted was11/23/11. Can you please assist? Pamela

why it staking so long for me to recive pay for october. i just recived november payment yesterday after my car has been repossed lights were out all because of none payment .can someone help tired of calling and getting the same story about it being sent and returned plese send before i lose my apartment.

I am due approx. $1200 in back pay from SS. Monthly benefits have been reduced by $299 for 4 months until SS received some documentation from me. The documentation has been sent to SS (both "Natl." and Nashville) two times if not more but SS unable to verify that they have received it. Don't know what to do. Back pay is DESPERATELY needed.

I can only suggest calling Social Security at 1-800-772-1213.

Note that at least for SSI, the SSA may be able to make an immediate payment to those already receiving SSI whose benefits are delayed or not received and who face a financial emergency. The immediate payment cannot be higher than $999.00.

i was suppose to be receiving my checks but someone at the Orangeburg South Carolina office said that i did not turned paperwork in on time. 2 months later another worker went through the files and said that i turned the paper work in well before the ten days. This worker sent it to her boss and the boss sent the paper work to the payment center so that i could start getting my check back. this was on march 21, 2013. i have been without a check for well over a year. they said it would take 45 days, it has been 90 days. im about to get evicted from my home with my 3 kids and they cant tell me when i will get my check. what can i do??????? im in dire need of my check that someone at the social security place screwed up.

On August 3rd looked in the bank , just moved into a bigger home for my children to grow up with other children that weekend prior. My children get a Social security disability auxiliary benefit, when I split up from my boyfriend who i had children with he was disabled, He is totally deaf.

I had no Idea that the children were able to draw off of their father infact it is the law I was told that you cant even refuse this money. I call everyday the call center, you see when child custody and support was established the Judge added the auxiliary payment minus thw whole payment that was due from him which came out to be 161.00 for two children. I have never had a problem in many years.

Idont know what happened but something with (which I think his mother or representative messed up somewhere and they cut him off of social security even though he was disabled and had been for his whole life. I have called social security so many tmes I mean balling these kids deserve this money they are entitled to it, but because te way the udgge wrote it they got away with only paying me 161.00 a month which don't even pay my kids bus ticket and a trip to mcdonalds nor school clothes, new shoes, bike, sports movies anything.

I have a 13 year old and an 9 year old. I have been told to go stand on the toys for tots line for Christmas and I am dealing with his representative their grandmother who is a millionaire. It is very disrespectful not to mention all the lies I have been told this year. first it was supposed to be april then une then july then august then finally September 23rd, only to come and find out that if I don't get a letter from social security by the 26 of September , I will have to call them and again see what the problem is. There should be no problem ,

He is receiving his money and has been for two months that I have known of, but he was allowed to apply for emergency benefits. Of course mychildren could not draw off of him because he was on emergency benefits, but not even to offer to even pay for a new pair of shoes for the kids. The looks on their faces at Christmas time when they get broken used dolls from people who have well enough money to stay in one of their million dollar condo's for 6 months out of the year and to make me beg for money for my kids shoes and school supplies which this auxikary payment covered, now come to find out after al this and getting my hopes up, because the amount owed right now is over ten grand for the past year and a month.

I've been told that the other party had some kind of worker working on his part and he got his stuff back now I don't understand why I didn't get a letter in the first place telling me there was a problem, just to cut the kids off, and to stress meout to the point of being hospitalized because they lke to see me squirm, because they know these kids need this money badly and there is costs for school and being a kid. It hurts me to see I tell them every month don't worry I promise you the money that is owed to you guys ai coming and just to break my promise again., his mother screwed up the paperwork and the kids suffered not her, nor her son. we are in dire need of this money , Im getting evicted,

Ive sold everything I have had even my car, my old crappy car t get me from point a to b with the kids, because I could o longer afford the insurance, nor inusruance for myself, and I started having severe anxiety attacks over the stress of this. No more help for me I was told, because I should be getting this money but I am not, I cant take this to court, I wouldn't even know what lawyer to get and even if I could afford one.

My mother and a very very dear man who I owe the world to do the best they can to help me, but this has to be paid back. I have ruined I don't know how many bank accounts because I believed the other party that they said the check would be in the bank over at a certain day and I would write a check to cover expenses for the kids and low and behold no money would ever show up, they got me like tha a couple of times.

They have absolutely ruined the lives of my children as they knew it . It wasn't much, but it sure did help. So today the story changed yet once again I asked what is this thing that was put inon the 23rd of july of this year seemed to be a significant number, and I alost dropped dead when they told me this which is not what they told me yesterday, that if I do not receive a letter by the 23 I will have to call yet again and see what the problem is this time. Everyday the story changes. Yesterday the money was at the payment center just waiting on the letter for the money to be sent out because is is on his ssd for two months straight if not more Idont know who to believe. I don't hear them complaining of not having enogh to buy back packs and school uniforms for a child that has to go to a special storee because of her size no one even understands, Or sorry son no birthday party again this year because you know why, your birthday is too close to Christmas and your grandother his caretaker, doesn't believein giving twice he gets gypted all the time.

I willnever forget how my son wasn't allowed over their museaum of a house because he broke a little thing on their wooden blind for 2 years. Yes they abused me and my children and that is why I left him, and my kids deserve better. And they are entitled to that money and it is the law so I don't know what they are pulling in order for my kids not to get what is owed to them, and for them to be able Im not saying to go to the mall all the time but go to a movie and at least buy something at the mall, whoever heard of a kid never ever going to a mall to buy some clothes that are on sale and they are good g=clothes not like walmart which fall apart in three washes. so the moral of thi story is I think the more you keep bothering them I have putt n 50 messages for the big guysto get back in touch with me or to lok over what is the holdup and I have not got one answer from anyof them in 365 days plus 15, Now Im waiting on a dream that on the 23, the ids are supoosed to get back pay and their checks, well that is not what is happening. this is just an answer that they have to give me withing a 60 day period why and whether or not why they are getting it or not, and at this point because the third has passed and I have no indication except they tell me their money is at a payment center and just waiting on an approval, who do you talk to for this you cant talk to the

1800 number you get people rom all over the country and I kind of find it hard to believe that everyone would say the same thing and it would not e true just be patient they say. I think a year and a couple of weeks have been patient enough. I don't talk to my ex because his mother wont allow it becauwse if he knew what was going on he would indeedhave a fit. They ar e so jealous of the kids because they are smart, and intellectual and want better things in life, but they also know that their father no matter what if he was son disability or not still owes them 10 grand minus 161 from each month, they found a loop hole and got away with it. Everytime I bring them to court they use my lawyer to their advantage. what I am talking about. I just want to be told the truth so I can tel my kids yes we can go to a hotel and go to an amusement park, or go see papaou before he dies and my mother who is seriously ill but still got it together to help me raise my children even though I am disabled myself.

We are made sure you know where we stand in society, My boyfriend works two jobs, by the time all the taxes and everything is out he makes very little, he is an aspiring engineer, and whe works soemkind of machine that has to be programed programs to be written for and it is a dangerous job it is some kind of press, and if we cant even get a pizza at the end of a Friday night, because all the oney goes to the bills and the kids (that aren't his), and they all think because the title of his job sounds like it makes a lot of money they are really wrong. On for the past three years Barbara will not give me hersons address, not his tty number, nor doeshe call the kids and ask them if they need anything or even say hello or happy birthday.

Ive beenwithmy boyfriend since these kids have been 3 years old and one just under 1 years old. He is the one who stepped up to the plate and realized how much they were screwing me over by hiding a lot of things from me. They now use him as an excuse to say he why doesn't he pay for this and that, because he has his own responsibilitis to pay, but he always finds a way to getthese k ids even if its an icecream cone, their medication, my medication, he is sick also and has very serious thyroid, and this month ecause ihave an eviction noticice willnot get his medication because in his eyes we come first, I owe him so much money, I know he doesn't want it back, he loves those kids as they were his own.

their real fater has only called here three times I their whole life and visited once since I left him fro abused to me and my oldest son and pushng me down two days before givng birth so yes my kids do deserve that money, to go to college to have thema place to stay to go out to mcdonalds, to have bus money to take transpo to the schools, and have nice clothes and shoesthat fit that have not alreadybeen worn so they don't get fungus and plnatars warts, and a pool for the hot days and maybe a trip to camp they are growing up so fast and its too late for their biologica father to even come around, but my kids would be more than grateful even if he had said two words or wrote them a letter. everything is through his mother. I have done my share I am their mother my work will never be done, my son was so sick whe he was born it went onfor years. andof course the alcoholic problem was because of me. He was deafthat was my fault too, I tried my hardest to help him with everything from aa to alynon everyday and everynight intensive treatment dragging my sick son out to try and get him better and I didn't even get as uch as a thank you from them, if it wasn't for me he woul dof been dead many of times. He ruined Idont kow how many jobs for me that I made good good money at because of the jealousy of me working at a pace tht they served alcohol, and took it out on my son when I ws at work because he couldn't even handle that I could work and not drink and bring home two hundred dollars o a Saturday night I tok care of him, none of his money went to me or nikolis.

I paid for my own birth. and ranthrough about 30 grand in savings to help and get my son better and it went quick. I got very sick about three years ago and have foundit hard since to work myself. I am disabled myself and my court case is coming upo also. I just want what was ordered by that Georgia judge ad at least my kids aren't like him selfish, but they are going to know if they don't get this money is was somwhow his fault because they donet deserve better than him or his mother or his sister. my kids don't even know their cousins, cant trust them to bring em back. its al abou the money. and if they got their hands on h=them and I let them go theywouldnt come back because it would be a check that they could collect and not use it on the kids but for drinking and real estate and silk shirts and 100 dollar pair of shoes for himself,.....

DEAR LORD PLEASE HELP US FIND A WAY WITH SOCIAL SECURITY WE ARE NOT TAKING ANYTHING FROM ANYBODY BUT WHAT BY LAW THEY ARE ENTITLED TO, ho wlong is this going to take until they are out of highschool, school is hrd enough let along beng mde fun of because having ripped soles on shoes,when the omoney htat is owed could fix thiese simple things. I take care of my business and the kids I want him to take care of his end of the bargain he doesn't have to deal with his kids if he doesn't want to and that's okay too. Its been a long time coming and I think he is scared of what the kids may say to him.

They need this money to attend and well round out thee children my children are going to make this world a better plae and use money right for this world to be a better place to live in. These are my kids and they are going to be soething great with or without D ssd auxiliary check which is the LAW that they get it not even going into the custody and child support that was intertwined so he would be able to make the payents. which wasn't right to begin with we are just grateful for the money we got and we really need it back it has put us in dire straights now my mother is sick, my mothers husband is sick.

We haveno one else to help. all help is gonein this country. and it is ashame. I feel ashamed.

Please contact the SSA directly as we are not affiliated with the government agency.

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Not affiliated with the US Social Security Administration