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When are continuing disability reviews conducted?

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622. When are continuing disability reviews conducted?

We may conduct a continuing disability review from time to time to determine if your disability continues. Some examples of situations that may generate a continuing disability review are:

  1. Occurrence of the date of a scheduled medical reexamination in cases in which your impairment is expected to improve or in which improvement is possible;

  2. Voluntary reports received from individuals indicating medical improvement or return to work;

  3. Substantial earnings posted to your employment record; or

  4. A report of medical improvement received from a vocational rehabilitation agency.

NOTE: If you are eligible for SSI based on disability in the month before the month you turn age 18, we must redetermine your eligibility when you turn 18, and we must use the adult disability rules to decide whether you are still disabled.

Last Revised: Jan. 22, 2008


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