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When does disability end?

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623. When does disability end?

Your disability ends when:

  1. There has been a medical improvement in your impairment(s) relating to your ability to work; and

  2. The impairment does not meet or equal a current listing in the Listing of Impairments; and

  3. You are not currently disabled; or

  4. One of the following conditions exists:

    1. One of certain exceptions to medical improvement applies and your impairment(s) considered together with your age, education, and work experience (see §609) does not prevent you from doing substantial gainful activity (see §603);

    2. Subject to the trial-work period provisions (see §§ 520-521), you demonstrate the ability to do substantial gainful activity by working (see §603) (See §617 for exceptions.);

      Note: In SSI cases, disability does not end on this basis.

    3. You do not cooperate with us (e.g., you refuse to give us needed medical or other evidence);

    4. We cannot locate you (e.g., a question of whether you are still disabled needs to be resolved); or

    5. You fail to follow prescribed treatment that could restore your ability to do substantial gainful activity.

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hey i was on patrial disability here in georgia wow does it stink dont get enought to even pay the bills from it moreless it only last six months now im stuck in limbo untill who in the ssi feild sets me up for a visit to their dr that stinks also might take two to three months all the while im with out any benifits coming in and no medicare to help with my bills so what the heck am i supposed to do

What is the payment for SSI in Minnesota? My mother receives SSI in WV, and is thinking about moving to Minnesota, but only if it is financially feasable.

I have been on disability and am approaching my 65th birthday. Do I need to do anything about turning 65 and being on disability vs social security?

My mother in law is drawing disability. Is she suppose to have some kind of medical coverage as well? Medicare?


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