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11. Are You Self-Employed?

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I've worked all my life and never claimed a penny in benefits, I'm 57 year old and lost my job on the 8th June 2010 and the system/country tells me I'm not entitled to a penny in help.
I was self employed for most of my working life and and my wife has worked as a dinner lady (3 hours a day, 5 days a week) for the last 15 years or so and because she earns more than £112 a week (she earns nearly £120 a week) we are not entitled to anything not even a council tax rebate.
They still expect us to pay £151 a month from her nearly £500 a month earnings in council tax, pay our mortgage, pay for electric, gas etc and still feed ourselves. I've never been a scrounger and never taken a penny I haven't worked for. I've collected untold thousands in VAT for the government through my old company and paid thousands in tax yet I'm not entitled to anything. Could that be because I'm a native of this country and not an immigrant or refugee ?
I just wish I knew 42 years ago what I know now I'd never ever have done a days work in my life and I suggest anybody reading this (with the exception of the lazy Bs that dont and never have worked) pack your jobs in and go on the dole because your only working to keep other people ......
I hate this f***ing country and I'm selling up and getting out ...... I suggest you do the same !

You are not the only one. I have just learned today after visiting the Soc. Sec. office that my last 10 years of self employment will not count towards my disability. Never in 40 years of working did I know that these returns had to be filed within 3 years, 3 months, and 15 hrs. to get credit. I did recieve 1099 and I think this is enough evidence of my working. The system knows that I would have to pay self emp. tax out of this money. What a sham. I have had cancer and have been behind on my filings, but I have paid my share. I am disabled from severe spinal spondylosis, degenerative disc disease, and fibro myalge. My doctor told me to retire 2 years ago.. I feel that my life is ruined. I cannot work because of all the medications I take and I also have chemo brain. Seems to me that tha IRS filing that they do for you would be enough to show your self-employment and then you could use yur own filing as an amended return. I do not know what I am going to do. I'll definately be one of the ones to die early and in what conditions. Seems like the government needs to look after it's own instead of others. Where can we go to get away from this debockle. And how can we afford it. Maybe the scum on occupy cantell us how they get by. Disgusted in Alabama

I think it should be easier to report income when you are disabled and come across an opportunity to make some money by doing work you can manage when it comes along. There should be a form you can go online and fill out to report income so it can be deducted from your SSI payment. Right now when I find work I can do for someone and earn money for it I have to call the local office and it is hard to get through. Of course I will keep calling until someone is able to answer, it seems like it would be easier and save money that is needed to help others.

I couldn't find an online way to report income while disabled. You may want to file a suggestion for that :

If you receive SSI disability, the SSA states the following regarding wage reporting :

Each month, take or mail all pay stubs to your local Social Security office. Be sure to include pay stubs for overtime, vacation pay and bonuses. If the person receiving SSI has receipts for disability-related items or services necessary for work, turn those in as well.

Most people with telephone access can report wages using our automated phone system. Reporting monthly wages by phone saves you paper, postage and time by eliminating the need to copy, fax or mail wage evidence to the local office. Contact Social Security to learn more.

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