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Current Needs of Beneficiary

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1618. Current Needs of Beneficiary

1618.1 What are "current needs?"

"Current needs" are the immediate and reasonably foreseeable essentials for housing, food, clothing, utilities, medical care and insurance, dental care, personal hygiene, education, and the rehabilitation expenses of the disabled beneficiaries.

1618.2 How should the representative payee evaluate and respond to the beneficiary's needs?

The representative payee is responsible for knowing and providing for the total needs of the beneficiary. Current needs should never be sacrificed to pay other expenses, to conserve or invest funds, or to accumulate funds for a future purpose.

Last Revised: Aug. 2, 2007


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There are 2 Comments

I have a, question, if im the representative payee for my childs social security, will they still get the money if I'm fired from my job?

I have never seen reference to the employment status of the representative payee. I believe they are completely independent.

You, as representative payee, must report certain things to the SSA. Changes in your employment status are not a reportable item.

However, regardless of your employment status, you MUST use funds for the beneficiary's needs -- not yours.


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