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16. Representative Payees

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yes I was my son's payee for the first few months of him getting ssd. All of a sudden his dad became the payee. So I went to the office, and they said that he said I was in jail for a few months. I have never been in jail.. Isn't that fraud? We have split custody, and when my son is at his home, he doesn't take care of him anyways.. His parents do. He doesn't do the parenting things a father should do.. I don't understand why I am not my son's payee, and how my x husband can say what he wants and they automatically swith it to him. Also amazing how he has a new truck all of a sudden. What are my rights? What can I do? And the social security office never even sent me a letter stating they were switching the payees. And my son's dad didn't even want me to get him ssd. Iam the one that took him to the hospital, the doctors, and his disability appoitments. I don't understand. i take care of my son. thank you

currently i live in kansas city, missouri & will move to L.A. by mid June or early July. how do i go about getting a representative payee or my SSI & social security when i move there?

i just turned 18 and live on my own. how do i get my benefits in my name?

Have you found anything on this? i am in the same situation only temp custody was reversed based on lies told by the GAL. Since it's not perm. if I lose out on the auxillary check for my son then we will have no home and there is no way to retain custody because then I can't show a place for him to come back home to. Lawyers really know how to screw lives up.

On top of they are discriminating against me for being on disability and said I can't care for my son (which I have done from the time he was born). The father gets pissed because he leaves the state and us behind and then gets mad because 2 years later he wants us to move 2,000 miles to be with him without so much as talking about what his plans are.

This is a form of exploitation because he said he would obtain custody if I refused. I never refused him visitation of his son, but I can't risk getting raped again. WHY doesn't SSD have advocates for us when we are being bullied not only by DV but now by lawyers in the system that play on our emotional state. Even non-disabled women in that situation are going to be scared if they have unfair rep. and are being lied to about what to do. This is crazy to feed us to the wolves. This is how kids get developmental delays and mothers get raped mentally and emotionally by court which is worse than physical rape.

So I have no idea what to do. I'm not even sure what the auxillary check is for. No one told me I could get benefits for my son when he was born. If I knew about it then maybe his dad wouldn't have left to chase after a higher salary. Enslaved because he refused to allow me to attempt going back to work. He said no way will he allow his child in daycare. So where has our son been since temp custody changed? yeap-9-10 hours a day in a daycare. This is wrong to subject a child to this.

It is child torture to treat children like dogs with no care for their emotional growth. My son was well adjusted, smart, happy and polite. In 6 months after being away from me he won't talk on the phone to me and when he does he is rude and yelling at me. He is not quite 4. He called within days of first time ever being apart and cried so hard begging me to come and get him and said he was scared. Why do courts do this to children? I was more than willing to extend a visitation and stay up there to ease transition incase he got scared. His father wouldn't hear of it. Besides they ordered that I have supervised visitation yet completely ignored a request for an order of protection from the onset of the custody. WHY are the courts plugging their ears in cases in which the mother did not bring an action forth nor requested child support?

Why are the courts siding with fathers that have money? Money does not make a parent the better parent. How in the world can a court not be held accountable should a mother go 2000 miles to visit her child and the father makes good on his threat to kill her? When will the courts be accountable for their actions to not view a case in it's entirety before issuing a ruling immediately when a GAL lies. When will the courts have to pay restitution to a victims family when she is dead and perhaps her child meets misfortune as well because the father has large life insurance policies on them and has used scare tactics that that is how the system is set up to pay back the gov when one has outstanding debts or student loans?

Why can people use such coercive tactics to keep someone in fear because they hate them for being on disability in the first place and has made comments that women are only good for offspring and shouldn't be entitled to any gov handouts. And for this I have documented and audio proof. Even my ex lawyer made reference to me being on 'free' gov money so I don't know what kind of twistedness is taking place but I can say for sure it is not an America for women or children anymore.

I don't know why we even have a military that claims they defend our freedoms when they are taken from us and men in the military seem to be the worse oppressors of women so maybe they are fighting their own fight so they can continue to have the fatherhood rights and male supremacy rights to do as they continue to do in keeping women enslaved by their actions.

I am the payee for my son who is 22..i work a full time job 80 hrs. every 2 wks.. for 1 pay period the work slow down where i only worked i report this?? It has been hard on my household.

I'm not sure I understand the question but in general no, you (the representative payee) do not have to report YOUR income.

However, if your child receives SSI then the child's SSI benefit amount may change if there are any changes in the family's income or resources. However, this really is only relevant if your income INCREASES. If your income increases, then your son's SSI benefit may decrease.

In your case, it sounds like your family income decreased a bit. Although it's some work, you may want to report this drop in income as it may increase your son's benefit a bit.


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