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What other evidence proves paternity?

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1712. What other evidence proves paternity?

Several types of evidence may prove that you are a child's father, including:

  1. Hospital, religious, or school records;

  2. A court order or decree that does not meet the requirements for court orders set out above;

  3. A statement from the attending physician, relative, or other person who knows the child's relationship to you, including the basis for that knowledge; and

  4. Evidence that you and the child's mother were living together at the time of the child's conception.

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applied for survivor benefits 1 yr ago natural dad died and he was not on birth certificate. although my child has his remains and all family knows he fathered her without a doubt. What can I do ?

The paternity determination process varies from state to state.

Sometimes, depending on the state, even "informal acknowledgment" of paternity is acceptable, but it must be "continuous, habitual, and unequivocal nature, and of sufficient frequency that there can be little doubt that the alleged father truly believed himself to be the child's father."

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