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Does a court order for support prove a child is yours?

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I am receiving SSD, my 10 year old receives a monthly check because of my situation. My question is can I use the check he receives as my child support payment.? If yes how do I go about doing this? If no why not? He's getting this because I am hurt.

I am not clear on your situation or your proposal. It sounds like currently your child is receiving a benefit from the SSA based on your disability. I assume your ex-spouse is the representative payee for the child.

I would check with the SSA for confirmation, and I'm not sure of your intent, but I would say you can not "substitute" or "use" the child's payment from the SSA to satisfy your child support obligation.

Please see the following case which is similar to your situation, but more complex. But note the following excerpt from it :

Auxiliary disability benefits belong to the dependent beneficiary, not the wage-earner...Because the plain language of the statute makes it clear that auxiliary benefits are awarded directly to the dependent, and not to the disabled person, dependent disability benefits are deemed to be the property of the child who receives them.

my childs' mother owes back child support and has received her back pay for SSI. when will chid support receive the arears for child support?


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