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State Supplementation of Basic SSI Benefits

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2106. State Supplementation of Basic SSI Benefits

2106.1 Can states supplement basic SSI benefits?

States may supplement the basic SSI benefits as explained in §2181. In addition, any State may make an agreement with us to administer its supplementation program. We would pay the State supplementary amounts along with the basic SSI benefits. Each month, we charge the State an administration fee for every State supplementary payment issued during that month.

2106.2 What is the administration fee if a State asks SSA to administer its SSI supplementation program?

For fiscal year 2006, the fee is $9.29 per payment. The rate will increase by the rate of increase in the Consumer Price Index each year.

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are the people that get the 2,10 getting the 250 stimulus checks this year or what happen to the new years raise this year

I have not seen word of stimulus payments for 2010.

With consumer prices down over the past year, monthly Social Security and Supplemental Security Income benefits for more than 57 million Americans will not automatically increase in 2010. This will be the first year without an automatic Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) since they went into effect in 1975.

See more information about the COLA here :


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