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Who is a veteran of World War II?

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2704. Who is a veteran of World War II?

You are a World War II veteran if:

  1. You served in the:

    1. Active military, naval or air service of the United States at any time during the period beginning on September 16, 1940 and ending on July 24, 1947; or

    2. Organized military forces of the Government of the Commonwealth of the Philippines, while the forces were in the service of the U.S. Armed Forces pursuant to the military order of the President dated July 26, 1941. The term military forces includes organized guerrilla forces under commanders appointed, designated, or subsequently recognized by the Commander in Chief, Southwest Pacific Area, or other competent authority in the U.S. Army. This military service must have been rendered during the period beginning on July 26, 1941 and ending on December 30, 1946.


  2. You were discharged or released from this military service under conditions other than dishonorable

    1. After service of 90 days or more, or

    2. Because of a disability or injury incurred or aggravated in the line of active duty.

Last Revised: Apr. 18, 2006

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