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What is other benefit income?

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2707. What is other benefit income?

Other benefit income is any recurring payment you receive as an annuity, pension, retirement or disability benefit. It includes such payments as:

  1. Social Security old-age or survivors insurance benefits;

  2. U.S. veterans compensation or pension payments;

  3. Veterans benefits from another country (for example, PVAO in the Philippines);

  4. Civil Service benefits (for example, GSIS in the Philippines);

  5. Military pensions (for example, AFP in the Philippines);

  6. Railroad annuities or pensions; and

  7. Unemployment insurance benefits.

This income must have been received from the same source, or a related, source during the 12-month period before the month in which you file your application for SVB.

Last Revised: Apr. 18, 2006

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