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Social Security Handbook Index: Letter Q

Excerpted from "Social Security Handbook". See the up-to-date, official Social Security Handbook at


Qualified employee discount, §1342

Quarters of coverage:

  • agricultural employment, §214
  • currently insured status, §206
  • disability insured status, §207
  • fully insured status, §§202-205
  • military service, special wage credits, §205, §210
  • minimum pay test, §1304
  • restrictions, §213
  • self-employment income after 1977, and before 1978, §215
  • self-employment income, allocating, §715
  • special age 72 payments, §211, §346
  • wages paid after 1936, §214

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There are 3 Comments

What are the limits to legal guardianship? Discharged from the program at age 15?, 18?, 21?, at college graduation?
If capable dependant wishes to become independent and go to college, is there any financial S S advantage/disadvantage.

I'm not sure specifically what you're asking. In my experience, as far as Social Security, there is no financial advantage to a minor "becoming independent" (becoming their own representative payee).

I have seen many minors request to be their own representative payee, but this generally seems to arise due to some sort of conflict with the parent or guardian.

Note there are no Social Security benefits for children in college who are not disabled.

Can anyone tell me if SOcial security will pay for the small hand held machines that tests you INR's. I have been on coumadin for some thirteen years now and I have to have it tested once a week, sometimes once every two weeks. With the cost that I have to pay a medical facility to test it, I could have had it paid for several times over. It would be so much easier if I could do my own testing and reporting to my cardiologist and it really would save S.S. thousands of dollars in the long run. you can respond to me at and please, serious input on this only. Thank you.

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