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Social Security Handbook Index: Letter V

Excerpted from "Social Security Handbook". See the up-to-date, official Social Security Handbook at


Vacation pay as wages, §1327

Vendor or cash payments, SSI, §2186

VA-filed application for Social Security benefits, §1506

Vehicle exclusions, §2157

Veteran's benefits:

  • allied countries, service with, wage credits, §957, §1307
  • dishonorable discharge, §956
  • insured status, §960
  • noncontributory wage credits, §§953-959
  • special, §2700

Veterans pay for on-the-job training, §1328

Vocational rehabilitation services:

  • continuation of disabled worker's benefits, certain situations, §506
  • continuing disability reviews, §622
  • cost, §518
  • disabled child age 18 or over, in care
  • disabled worker, §505
  • programs, work incentives, SSI, §2173
  • referral to State VR agencies, §500, §518
  • trial work period, incentive, §519

VISTA program, §947

Volunteers, Peace Corps, §943

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Recent Content

Four Factors that Determine Your Social Security Retirement Benefit

Your Social Security retirement benefit largely depends on the following four factors :

* Your work history => Longer yields a higher benefit

* Your earnings history => Higher earnings yields higher benefit (at decreasing rate)

* Your birth year => Born earlier means higher relative benefit

* Your claiming age => Starting benefits later means higher benefit

What Social Security May Look Like in 2035

Interesting article which looks at how Social Security may fare in the year 2035.

Highlights :

* The worker-to-beneficiary ratio will drop from 2018's 2.8 to 2.2-to-1.

* Workers will have to wait longer to receive "full" benefits

* Social Security's "trust fund" will be exhausted

* Substantial benefit cuts may be needed

* Payroll taxes will be critical to pay for benefits

* Social Security benefits will continue to decline due to inflation


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