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Child SSI Deeming

My child has been declared disabled by the disability determination services. However, they are at a loss as to how to treat my income which is;

1.) Adult disabled foster care
2.) Non-taxable by Federal or State government
3.) I am not considered an employee, therefore recieve no benefits.
4.) Does not count towards my Social Security retirement, on my statement it shows I earned $0 dollars.

SSA wants to count the whole thing as unearned income, or self-employment income to be deemed to my child. I believe POMS excludes this income from the provider, however am having problems getting anyone at SSA to give me a definitive answer.


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Yes, I don't see a definitive answer, however, here may a useful resource.

Here is the general POMS page on income :!openview&restrictt...

Some Federal laws other than the Social Security Act prohibit counting some income for SSI purposes. See SI 00830.055 and SI 00830.099.

SI 00830.099 lists a number of unearned income exclusions. Of these, Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) seems to be similar to your case :


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