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Change first name as well

Hi. I am a student, holding a F-1 visa. I just got married with a US ciziten. So when I change my last name, can I also change my first name as well? I am from China and I want to make my English name (first name) legal.

Thanks for your help.



Sorry, I don't have direct experience with this case. The answer may well vary from state to state. Do you currently have a Social Security card with your Chinese name on it?

If so, I suspect you would need a court order indicating you're changing your first and last name.

From :

Veronica Cruz Perez applies for a replacement SSN card.

Submits a marriage document showing Nica Cruz Perez and John Smith married (the marriage document shows the dates of birth for Nica and John, issued after the immigration document was issued);

SSA cannot process the name change request to show her name as “Nica P. Smith” because she has not submitted a legal name change document showing she legally changed her first name from Veronica to Nica.

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