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SSI and ex wife

I'm hoping someone can answer my question. If you were married for 20 years and then divorced, and your spose decides to draw from your SSI, does it reduce the amount of your benefits? Will the benefit holder's check remain the same, AND the ex-spouse receive a check, OR does the ex-spouse receive a percentage of your check? Also, does it matter if there is proof of an agreement at the time of divorce that should have satisfied both parties? Thanks.

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I haven't seen too much regarding an someone drawing SSI benefits based on their former spouse.

One aspect of SSI benefits that is affected by marital state is the allowable amount of financial resources. To get SSI, your financial resources (savings and assets you own) cannot exceed $2,000 ($3,000 if married).

Perhaps you're thinking about retirement benefits. In this case, you may want to refer to this :

SSI is not paid to anyone based on a former spouse's eligibility. To receive SSI the individual themselves must be disabled or over 65. It does not matter whether they are divorced or widowed.

My ex-husband gets his social security PLUS $800 of my sons social security. My son lives with me while my ex husband is living with more than $2000 a month which $800 of that belongs to my son. My ex doesn't pay child support and is a dead beat. What should I do. My son NEEDS his money for his vehichle and his monthly medicine. I pay for EVERYTHING with NO HELP from the ex. The Ex is just taking in all of the money and living it up while we have nothing.

I'm not sure of the details, but it sounds like your ex-husband is a representative payee for your child. The law requires most minor children have representative payees.

If you feel the representative payee has in some fashion misused the benefits being issued for the beneficiary, contact the Social Security Administration, Office of the Inspector General Fraud Hotline.


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