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Social Security Card Number

Recently i had to go the employment office to get a statement of wages. When i gave the lady my social security card, and she put the number in her computer, it came up as saying that someone in seymour, indiana was using my SSN. they could not tell me who it was... only that the user worked in seymour.
My question is.... what do i do about this...? what CAN i do about this?

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I applied for my daughter's ss# over 1 month ago at the Athens, Ohio, SS branch. The office made a mistake during the application process, and I had to go back in a week later so they could correct it. I was told then that it would be a week to 10 days and we would receive her ss#. It's been more than 3 weeks since they told me this. When I call the office, it rings busy repeatedly, day after day. What now? Is there an email contact?
We cannot file our income taxes without it and need the refund badly.
Does anyone at this office want to hear about this issue?

My husband had to file for emergency medical and we were told by the social worker that someone elses name came up along with my husband and now he has to go to social security office. When i talked to other people they said that they have heard the social security office inputs the wrong numbers at times.

The mother of my children and I are not together. She has the kiddos SS cards and birth certificates in her possesion. I have the kids week on week off with no court order agreement. My name is on BOTH birth certificates and the mother is refusing to tell me their SSN so i can get them health care at my job and move my family into a better environment. Can i go to the SS office and attain my childrens SSN?

I couldn't find a direct answer for your situation. The following link shows custody/responsibility documents needed to replace a child's Social Security card.

It says "Custody and responsibility is assumed if you are the natural parent of the child with custody. No additional documentation is required." It doesn't indicate what is needed as proof of being the natural parent, but a birth certificate with your name may be sufficient. However, if you don't have custody, you may not be able to obtain the children's SSN.

My mother has my SS card and won't give it to me...none of my documents I have for my identity have the SS number. It seems my only option is to mail in a form and wait at least 10 business days to get a SS card of my own. I don't have the time to wait and I just need the number, but I need it NOW! What can I do to get an immediate SSN without the hastle of getting a new card??

Sounds like you forgot (or never knew) your Social Security number. Unfortunately, I know of no way to simply obtain your Social Security number alone from the SSA.

The only process I know of is to ask for a replacement card which will have your original number.

I have a problem. I was in a social security office in 18th June 2012 for applying my social security card. But I still don't receive the card and I'm waitin more than 2 weeks. I think the problem is in my adress, because my housing have just private mailbox and my name is not in the adress registration, because I'm not from USA. I wanna ask what happens with the letters if they're not received? And where must I search for the letter? In the post office or in your office? Thank you

It looks like it will take at least two weeks to receive a Social Security number for a legal alien.

To follow up on your application for a Social Security number, return to to the Social Security office where you filed your application. When you go, take the documents you originally presented as evidence.

While you are waiting for your card to arrive in the mail, Social Security can:

  • Issue a notice acknowledging you filed an application for a Social Security number and your documents are being verified.
  • Send your employer or others a notice once we assign you a Social Security number.
  • Let you know the Social Security number we have assigned to you before you receive the card in the mail.

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