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Transferring SSDI, Medicaid food stamps from IL to IN

I recently this past week decided I needed to move from IL to IN.. What steps do I take, to transfer all this to become an IN resident wwithout loosing my benefits or medical?

Been disabled since 1995. I am scared of not knowing what important steps to take. By moving, I have nothing but clothes and a car. Would like to apply for low income housing. The relatives I resided with in IL their son was conntinually stealing my medicine, I and the DR. got fed up. I need tobe on my own. 57 yrs. old and female. My son resides in IN, so I am using his upstairs as a temporary place to live. What steps do I take tomorrow, Jan. 3rd? Thank you. I found a doctor, had to pay cash (borrowed money for meds that cost 200.00. Need advice fast.


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You mentioned that you're receiving SSDI -- not SSI. If you're receiving SSI, things are a little more difficult as SSI payments can vary from state to state.

If you are moving and you receive Social Security benefits, you do not need to call or visit the SSA. You can just go to and change your address online.

You will need to know your complete new address, including the ZIP code. After the SSA processes your online request to change your address, they will send you a confirmation letter.

You cannot change your address online if you are a representative payee (someone who handles Social Security money for
another person) or you receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Sorry, we're not experts on Medicaid and do not know how to transfer Medicaid to another state.

Bless you.


Not affiliated with the US Social Security Administration