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Form SSA-7004-SM


I called the Murray SSI Office today, no one could answer, so I opted to wait for a representative. I was directed to your national line, didn't choose it, but was transferred there anyway. They couldn't answer either, so I could opt to be called back since my wait would be more than 10 minutes. I opted to be called back. They did call back, I chose, Yes to receive the call--no one was there. I waited and said hello several times, no response. Is this really the best that can be done here?

All I wanted was a detailed estimate of my SSI retirement, your form SSA-700-SM. that I was directed to on-line. You don't have it in your forms list.

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see that you are designed to not respond. If anyone is there, please send your form SSA-7004-SM to tali___ @ gmail . Also a fax number for the Murray, UT office.

If I don't hear from anyone, I won't be surprised.





I would say that this area, requesting and receiving "Your Social Security Statement" is changing. A couple years ago the SSA routinely sent out paper versions of this statement. Then the SSA suspended sending out these statements.

Now the SSA is moving to fulfilling most or all of these requests using an online system.

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