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If I get SSDI am I still eligible for SSI

I just got off the phone with a rep from the SSA and he told me that I do not qualify for SSI benefits due to the fact that I receive SSDI as my only source of income. Although I can not find any information on the SSA's website regarding this, I was wondering if you'd be able to shed some light on this subject....

Further info: I am a California resident
SSDI benefits =$1080.00
Thank you for your help in advance.....


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It is possible to receive SSI and SSDI. See the following :

However, SSI is a need-based program. If your income is too high, you are not eligible for SSI.

The SSI Federal Payment Amounts for 2013 is $710 per month for an eligible individual.

Social Security payments are called "unearned income" for SSI purposes. Such income (less $20) is deducted from the "base" SSI benefit to see the actual SSI payment one may be eligible for.

Since your SSDI benefit of $1080 per month is greater than the SSI monthly benefit of $710, I do not see how you can qualify for SSI benefits in addition to SSDI.


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