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My own SSI disability/Medicare benefits?

Since 2008 when I was railroaded into retirement by I have been attempting to get my own SSI disability benefits and Medicare benefits. I have filed so many times I am sick! I have contacted three of these idiotic ambulance chasers on TV for help to no avail.

My last letter from the nuts in Lebanon County PA told me that a hearing would be scheduled soon. That was in February 2012 a month after we moved here! Since then all I get is the runaround.

I am half blind and have been since birth. My left eye can see nothing but shadows. Now my right eye is failing too. I was clinically diagnosed with severe deep depression and prescribed Nortriptyline. That was in Delaware County PA before Mama passed in June of 2010.

Now all I get is $946 from my SS retirement (early) and a lousy $217 pension! On top of all this I am my disabled brother's (57 and on SSI disability/Medicare) legal gdn, rep payee, stty-in-fact ad well as his eldest brother. To be sure he eats once a day I fast and eat maybe thrice or four times a month- one meal at a time!

The last time Bobby had an eye exam and new glasses was 10 years ago and the last time I had them was 30. We cannot find doctors up here who will take on new patients and in a week Bobby will be out of medications. He has asthma, emphysema, epilepsy, depression and he's seizure prone.

I have 14 capsules left of my own and can never get any more until a doctor says so. If anyone can help me please tell me how dammit! I am ready to just give up and wait for the Grim Reaper to come for me! keiman0 AT is my email and I expect a reply soon. Thanks I hope- keimanzero in Campbelltown (Palmyra) PA.

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As far as SSI, I'm not sure that will help you. As your monthly Social Security is $946, this is above the $698 monthly SSI federal maximum, so your Social Security retirement "wipes out" any SSI benefit.

It sounds like you're receiving Social Security retirement and are age 62 to 65. Once you reach age 65 you likely will qualify for Medicare, but now you need to fill in the gap between age 62 to 65.

The following link describes how to qualify for Medicare. If you're disabled (have been a Social Security disability beneficiary for 24 months), then you may qualify for Medicare. Also, certain aged people who do not qualify for Medicare hospital insurance under these rules may be able to get it by paying a monthly premium.

You also may qualify for Medicaid as your income is modest. See the following for Medicaid in Pennsylvania :

Bless you.

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