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SSI - Supplemental Security Income

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My father has been receiving SSI check for his disability over 10 years and would like to know why his SSI monthly check had been reduced starting January 1, 2011. This is the first time ever that his SSI monthly check has been reduced to almost half of the amount he used to receive. He harldy could live with the amount he received before the reduction, now is even harder for him to manage with rent, foods and personal items. Usually, he receives a letter stating that his SSI check would add to the monthly amount, but not in reduction. Does other Senior Citizens received reduction in SSI monthly check also or is this just in his case?

Thank you

Due to low inflation, over the past two years increases in Social Security have been small or non-existent. However, this does not explain a sizable reduction in payments.

There are a couple possible causes I can think of.

First, many states supplement the federal SSI payments. It's possible your state reduced its supplement.

Second, if your father had income or "resources" (savings, vehicles etc.) over certain limits, his payment may have been reduced.

Contact the SSA directly if you believe the reduction is incorrect.

My son is on SSI and I am his payee recently his 15 year old son has come to live with him, is this something we need to go to the social security office and report

It's probably best to notify the SSA of this.

Although not exactly the same situation as your son, the SSA web site states :

Moving in with a relative could change your benefit amount. You must report any change in living arrangement within 10 days after the month the change occurs. If you do not report the change, you may not receive all money you are due or you may receive an overpayment. If an overpayment occurs, you would be responsible for repaying the monthly. Failure to report a change also could result in a penalty.

Report all changes by mail or in person at your local Social Security office or call us toll-free, 1-800-772-1213 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday.

I just found out that my daughter possibly qualifies for SSI benefits. Will her benefit depend on how much our household income is, or will she qualify for a flat amount based on her disability?

I want both my mom and step dad to move in with me. Both are on disabilty ss. Will this lower their amount.?

My mother has been on SSI for about 7 years. She hasn't needed to change anything until now. She recently moved in with me in Harlingen, Texas. She was diagnosed with lung cancer last week and now has to be on oxygen 24/7. We spent 2 1/2 hours at the Harlingen office waiting to change her address from New Mexico to Texas. Meanwhile, she ran out of oxygen. I informed the security guard of this and they called us back immediately. Sounds good right? No, D S, the agent, was rude and brutal to my mother. She told her she needed to make sure she had plenty of oxygen when she goes to the office. Well, it was a FULL tank when we started. Not her fault that they took so long. She told her that she had been on SSI for years now and know how things work around there. I proceeded to inform the agent that she never needed any changes and she was just diagnosed. She said they could not help her, that someone would have to call her. WEll, no one has. I cannot believe that she was soooooo rude. My mother couldn't even hardly talk, she was that lower on oxygen in her body. Now there should be some kind of procedure that helps disabled people. They should not be critized for something that is out of their control. Just think it is aweful.

my mom received a call from someone stating to be from social security. she is currently on SSI and gets medicaid in CO. she became a citizen back in 1994 and has been only getting SSI due to a major stroke. she states someone called her and was advising her they needed info from her place of birth. does that sound right? she has been getting these benefits for so long without any issues. she said they told her they didn't have the info anymore. i am worried about fraud issues? should i be?

If you are discussing Social Security disability benefits based on previous work record, them I am unaware of anything that may affect their benefits.

If you are discussing SSI payments based on need, then there may be an effect on their benefits.

See the following link which discusses "Deemed Income" which is the part of the income of your spouse with whom you live, your parent(s) (or children) with whom you live, or your sponsor (if you are an alien), which is used to compute your SSI benefit amount.

I am aware of a person who is not utilizing their childs monthly SS benefit money appropriately. The money is spent by the parent each and every month for items that are not for the child, rather personal items for themselves for habits they have (i.e. cigarettes and scratch off lottery tickets). How should I report this to have it reviewed so the benefit payments don't continue to be made and not spent on the child?

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