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My unemployment was stopped, so could I qualify for Temp D?

I have lived up in WA state for a little over one year now, but was receiving unemployment benefits from the state of Texas because of having to relocate for my husbands job. I have had severe spinal stenosis for 6 years, and depression for 20, but my question is, I finally had spinal surgery on Sept 21, and they immediately stopped my unemployment.

I have not been able to work from the severe pain of this degenerative joint disease since I've moved here, I now just found out that I have pre cancerous cells and am going to have to have a hysterectomy??

Is there ANY way that I would qualify for temporary or any type of disability benefits in this state since my unemployment was thru Texas? I have not worked in over a year, and now I am not sure WHEN I'll be able to start working again because of having PT for my cervical spine surgery, and then the hysterectomy and recovery from that?

They had been deducting my child support to my ex, but now I have NOTHING? and am behind in everything.... Does anyone know if I can file a claim here? Since all of the doctors and surgeries have been in Washington? I've never applied for disability before, temporary or permanent. Which I do want to work again..... Just am lost on which way to go?

Thank you in Advance, for ANY advice!!

Kari L

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I was told once I got a release, that I would start recieving benefits again and they would catch me back up., and I almost had that until today finding out about the cancer now, having to sched more doctors and procedures, I know I wont be released I need help now? : )

Thanks for ANY suggestions ya'll....

Kari L

We only deal with Social Security, so we probably can't help much with any state program.

There are two limitations regarding Social Security disability. First, in general, the disability must be significant and permanent for you to receive Social Security disability. By significant, you must be be unable to perform "substantial gainful activity".

Second, there is a waiting period for Social Security disability. Social Security disability benefits can be paid only after you have been disabled continuously throughout a period of five full calendar months.

If you feel your condition may be significant and permanent, you may want to apply for Social Security benefits.

Bless you.


Not affiliated with the US Social Security Administration