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2009 stimulus check

Will I be able to receive a one-time stimulus check if I did not file last year, even though I was entitled to receive last year''s $300 stimulus check; and is it too late to file for 2008's payment?

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I have not seen income tax filing requirements to receive the 2009 $250 stimulus check. The main criteria is you must be receiving Social Security, SSI, Veterans or Railroad Retirement benefits.

my husband and i are both on social security disability. we have not received a letter about receiving a stimulus check. even though we are on disability will we receive a stimulus check?

If you receive Social Security disability benefits, you likely will receive a check. Note, however, the following exceptions who will not receive $250 payments :

  • Anyone living outside of the United States or its territories;
  • Individuals who no longer are lawfully present in the United States;
  • Individuals whose benefits have been suspended under the law for giving false or misleading statements;
  • Social Security beneficiaries who are minor children (except disabled adult children receiving Social Security or children receiving SSI payments will receive the one-time payment)
  • SSI beneficiaries who receive benefits at a reduced rate of $30 because they live in a medical treatment facility (such as a nursing home or hospital) and Medicaid pays over 50% of the cost of their care;
  • Individuals only entitled to Medicare and not to Social Security or SSI benefits; and
  • Prisoners, fugitive felons, and probation and parole violators.

You can call your office if you have doubts, but I have heard some SSA offices are unresponsive to questions about the $250 payment.

my question is my son turn 18 and still in school he gets my husband check does he get a check?

This is unlikely. Children under the age of 18 (19 if still in high school) who receive Social Security benefits are NOT eligible for the one-time payment. However, adult children who receive disability benefits on a parent's record or disabled children on SSI will receive a payment.

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