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Survivor's Benefits plus receiving employee wages

My 2 daughters and I receive monthly survivor benefits monthly. I have not worked since my late husband death and am now able to go back into the work force. I was told I could work as long as I don't over a certain amount additional to what we receive every month. I was also told if I did go over that specified amount I would owe back the money at the end of the year to Social Security.

I have 2 questions now, One, Ive been reading that if I go over specified amount monthly my girls and I would lose our benefits all together monthly, is that correct? Because we have to have both monies coming in as it is getting harder and harder to live on the benefits alone and we barely make it with that alone.

SECONDLY: Is there a form I need to get to put down my hourly wage and how many hours I work to submit to Social Security office? And if so, can I print it off of this site or do I have to come down the local office and get the form?


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